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Single-minded focus on multi-generational wealth.

Investment management is seen by many as being all about assets and numbers. To us, though, the landscape is somewhat different.

Ours is a people business, focused on client service that produces, protects and preserves wealth. At Penn Davis McFarland, we preserve and grow wealth, making sure that capital is there for the next generation, and the next after that.

To accomplish this, we flexibly customize our approach to every client’s portfolio. We have no specific products to sell, which prevents conflicts of interest. We do not rely on titles like managing director or portfolio manager. We work as a team with one common goal – our client’s ongoing success.

Our style is best-described as communicative and open. We are known for our unbiased and objective client guidance.

Ours is a seasoned staff of investment professionals who provide close personal attention to our clients. We do this to ensure that every client is served by the expertise of the entire firm, not simply by an individual advisor.

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