What We’re Reading – Week of 01/30/2015

Below you will find the articles on economics, investing, and finance that we found most interesting for the week.

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8 million purchased health insurance through exchanges in 2014. Nearly 6 million will owe the IRS a penalty for not having coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act.  

Article via Bloomberg


Do human investors risk obsolescence?  Algorithms often work until they don’t (when trends change).

Article via Financial Times ($)


The two-tier economic recovery in the U.S. is so persistent; some businesses are reworking their entire business model.

Article via Wall Street Journal ($)


This probably overstates the case, but the general idea is right.  When there are epic moves in asset prices (e.g. Swiss francs), somebody somewhere unexpected is usually holding the bag.  The implications are often more widely reaching than initially expected.  The same will likely prove true with regard to the big price fluctuation in oil.

Article via The Atlantic


Speaking of oil, the market is in contango.  That means it is cheaper to store oil on a ship and sell it on the futures market than to sell it outright at today’s prices.  Storage is filling up fast as a result.

Article via NPR