What We’re Reading – Week of 03/20/2015

Below you will find the articles on economics, investing, and finance that we found most interesting for the week.

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The Fed dropped “patient” from its statement, but it also promised no rate hike in April.  However, 15 of 17 FOMC participants expect policy firming by year-end 2015.

Press Release and Projections by FOMC


There is trouble brewing for lenders who helped fuel the rise of the frothy Chinese real estate market.  The New York Times delves into the cautionary tale of Kaisa.

Article via New York Times ($)


Did you know those eye-popping start-up valuations are made up?

Article via Bloomberg


Short sellers are do-gooders according to the New Yorker.  My how times change!  Not many people were saying that when the U.S. banned shorting certain securities during 2008 (a policy which the New York Fed later determined accomplished very little).

Article via New Yorker


The weak Euro is no problem for Chanel, they’ll just raise prices in Europe and cut them in Asia (where currencies are dollar-linked).  Pricing power is a good thing.

Article via Quartz


Ships may be one of the few “cheap” asset classes.

Article via Financial Times ($)


The push for renewable energy makes solar eclipses a big test for the power grid in Europe.

Article via Wall Street Journal ($)


Can science build a better diet soda?

Article via Bloomberg