What We’re Reading – Week of 08/04/2017

Below you will find the articles on economics, investing, and finance that we found most interesting for the week.

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Alan Greenspan sees a bubble in bonds, not stocks.

Article via Bloomberg


Bloomberg Businessweek has a nice profile about the Irish brothers behind payments startup Stripe.

Article via Bloomberg Businessweek


What happens when your neighbor plants pesticide resistant crops, but his pesticide blows into your field, killing your regular crops?  Farmers are finding out this year.

Article via Bloomberg


With returns as good as they have been since the 80s, why is there a retirement crisis?

Blog post via A Wealth of Common Sense


What happened to Bill Miller? The man who is famous for beating the market 15 years in a row runs a small aggressive fund now.

Article via Forbes


Can Netflix spend its way to long-term success?

Article via Los Angeles Times


Apparently there is asset inflation in everything – even Hermes Birkin bags.  Are they an investment?  Probably not.

Article via Bag Hunter