What We’re Reading – Week of 11/06/2015

Below you will find the articles on economics, investing, and finance that we found most interesting for the week.

NB: ($) denotes subscription site.


To feed the world, we are going to need different farms.

Article via Newsweek


Farmers turn to leases to afford their tractors.

Article via Wall Street Journal ($)


James and Lachlan Murdoch try to fill their father’s shoes at 21st Century Fox.

Article via Hollywood Reporter


FT profiles Andy Jassay, the man behind Amazon Web Services.

Article via Financial Times ($)


Silicon Valley startups can change healthcare, even in the wake of the Theranos scandal.

Article via Financial Times ($)


Mexico went after Big Cola with a soda tax.

Article via The Guardian


Why Qualcomm is down, but not out.

Article via Wall Street Journal ($)